Peos Estate. Manjimup WA, South West WA, Our Story


Manjimup has been home to the Macedonian-born Peos family for more than 90 years. With viticulture in their historical veins, brothers Vic, John, Kon and Chris banded together in 1996 to create their dream vineyard as a legacy to their late father, Jim Peos, and late grandfather, P.Y. Peos.

A passionate farmer, P.Y. began cultivating grapes and producing wine whilst living in Macedonia almost a century ago. He passed this love of wine down to his son, Jim, who continued to farm grapes and make wine in Macedonia until he joined P.Y. and the rest of his family in Australia in 1951.

Upon first arriving in Australia the Peos family settled in Manjimup, attracted by its rich soils and ideal crop-growing weather. Their undying devotion to living off the land has seen them farm everything from dairy cattle and beef to mixed horticulture, potatoes, cauliflowers and beans.

The establishment of Peos Estate winery by the third generation Peos brothers has turned the family dynasty full-circle back to where it belongs, growing grapes and producing wine to remember.