Peos Estate. Manjimup WA, South West WA, Our Region, Jewel of the South West

The Peos winery is nestled in the heart of Manjimup, in Western Australia's stunning southwest corner.

The name Manjimup was derived from an Aboriginal word 'manjin' the name given for the edible root of a bulrush and 'up' meaning place of water, together they mean 'edible root of bulrush at watering hole'.

The tall timber town was established in 1910 as a result of the railway line which was built to service the thriving timber industry. The first European settler in the Manjimup district was a timber cutter, Thomas Muir, in 1856. He was followed by Frank Hall and Charles Rose in 1859. In the 1860's, Hall's property was passed to J. Mottram who named his homestead Manjimup House.

During the late 1890's and early 1900's there was an increased demand for quality agricultural land and the focus was placed on the heavily forested areas near the Wilgarrup River.

Today Manjimup is known as the Jewel of the South West and is a thriving community based around avocado’s, truffles, agriculture, and the timber and wine industries. There are also numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year including the Cherry Harmony Festival.

This boutique region is one of the most remote wine districts in the world and is home to some of the globe's oldest soils. This, combined with the area's elevation, pristine water and cool temperatures, means Manjimup consistently produces world-class wines. The Peos portfolio of wines is produced entirely from estate-grown grapes, plucked from the vines planted on our 90 acre Manjimup property.